Mastering the World of Selling

From the Foreword by Jeffrey Gitomer, America’s #1 Sales Authority

Top Sales Book 2010 - finalist

“This book is all about WHAT IS WORKING NOW. It looks at business, sales, service, and personal development for the second decade of the 21st century. The messages offered are from experts in their field who have actually used these methods and strategies to build their own success. And your job is to adopt them, adapt them, and turn them into money.”

Mastering the World of Selling is the Who’s Who of Sales Training!

Action Selling
Tony Allesandra
Brian Azar
Baker Communications, Inc.
Mike Bosworth
Ian Brodie
Ed Brodow
Mike Brooks
Bob Burg
Jim Cathcart
Robert Cialdini PhD
Communispond, Inc.
Tim Connor
Customer Centric Selling
Dale Carnegie
Sam Deep
Bryan Dodge
Barry Farber
Jonathan Farrington
Jeffrey Fox
Colleen Francis
FranklinCovey Sales Performance Solutions
Thomas A. Freese
Patricia Fripp
Ari Galper
General Physics Corporation
Jeffrey Gitomer
Charles H. Green
Ford Harding
Holden International
Chet Holmes
Tom Hopkins
Huthwaite, Inc.
Imparta, Ltd.
InfoMentis, Inc.
Integrity Solutions
Janek Performance Group, Inc.
Tony Jeary
Dave Kahle
Ron Karr
Knowledge-Advantage, Inc.
Jill Konrath
Dave Kurlan
Ron LaVine
Kendra Lee
Ray Leone
Chris Lytle
Paul McCord
Mercuri International
Miller Heiman, Inc.
Anne Miller
Dr. Ivan Misner
Michael Macedonio
Sharon Drew Morgen
Napoleon Hill Foundation
Michael Oliver
Rick Page
Anthony Parinello
Michael Port
Porter Henry
Prime Resource Group, Inc.
Neil Rackham
Revenue Storm
Linda Richardson
Keith Rosen
Frank Rumbauskas
Sales Performance International, Inc.
Sandler Training
Dr. Tom Sant
Stephan Schiffman
Dan Seidman
Blair Singer
Terri Sjodin
Art Sobczak
Drew Stevens
STI International
The Brooks Group
The Friedman Group
The TAS Group
Brian Tracy
ValueSelling Associates
Wendy Weiss
Jacques Werth
Floyd Wickman
Wilson Learning
Dirk Zeller
Tom Ziglar
Zig Ziglar
Must Read for Sales Professionals!!!

"If you were to build an entire library of great minds, great ideas and great thoughts and then condense it and put it into one great place - this book is that place. Calling it a 'Best of' or 'Greatest Hits' doesn't do this book justice. I've spent decades amassing books on sales, leadership, business building ideas etc and finally, having all of that here in this one book is almost like taking the earmarked / best pages / most provocative ideas that I have culled from pages and pages and countless authors and having one version in my hands. For anyone in sales or leadership this is a must for you and your entire team."

Posted on by Brian Appel, August 18, 2010

If you are training a NEW sales person what is the #1 book you tell them to read???

"I'd like to add a very recent release: Mastering the World of Selling by Eric Taylor and David Riklan. This book is a compilation of CURRENT tips and concepts from many of the best sales trainers and training companies including Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath, Mike Bosworth, Jeffrey Fox, Neil Rackham, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Schiffman, Frank Rumbauskas, Colleen Francis and Sandler Training to name a few... and there are many, MANY more.

Every phase of the sales process is covered by an author as well as that author's best sales tips, books written and website and contact information. You get a quick overview of a particular topic and you can easily find more information from that particular contributor.

I find this book particularly valuable because it is full of both old school and very current thinking on such a wide variety of topics. It's a great training resource that gives everyone the chance to take their sales education in small doses and provides the information to then pursue more content from the sales pro's that you as in individual find the most helpful."

Posted on a LinkedIn discussion by Nelson Struewe

On a Personal Note:

The two and half years I invested in this book project have been a labor of love. It was a culmination of hard work, relationships, collaboration, timing, serendipity and synchronicity.

I personally thank every sales trainer and sales training organization in this book for their contribution to the sales industry and this book.

Selling is the greatest profession in the world. As a salesperson, everyday you get to look in the mirror and stare your boss right in the face and smile.

Mastering the World of Selling was created for you to use as your desktop sales training resource and sales guide to help you have your Best Sales Year Ever!

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

On September 29th 2004 I had the privilege of creating, producing and promoting Empower New Jersey! It was a community event held at First Energy Park, a baseball stadium in Lakewood, NJ. I booked Christopher Reeve to be my headlining keynote speaker. The audience sat in amazement and awe as Chris shared empowering stories about his life growing up, his fame and then his tragic accident.

Chris died ten days after my event. His words that night changed my life forever.

In 2005 I was asked to be a contributing author in 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life alongside my mentor, the late, great Jim Rohn and 99 other inspirational authors.

To honor Chris and share my experience I wrote 10 Life and Leadership Lessons I Learned from Superman (and How They Changed My Life Forever)

My chapter is in the 101 Great Ways book under “Heroes” – I encourage you to order two copies and give one to the hero in your life.

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